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July 26, 2004


Dave Olean

Boy do I remember this operation. It was really exciting to hear WA6LET peaking up actually out of the noise on 144 MHz. All of the East Coast operators were calling whether they heard WA6LET or not. Is there any way I can get a copy of the video made then? That would really be a special treat to see what was going on in the SRI shack. The WA6LET and EIMAC Radio Club EME pictures on the website are really great. Thanks for sharing them.

Bob Lindsay

I remember when I was a boy growing up in Toronto, my father had a small refrigeration business. He was one of the very first to put an AC induction motor directly coupled to a refrigerator compressor into a hermetically sealed cylinder containing several quarts of lubricating oil. (Canadian Patent about 1934.)

To protect the motor windings, he would first immerse the entire stator assembly of the motor in a 2-gallon pot of GE GLYPTAL cement, pull a vacuum on the pot, and after all the outgassing has ceased, let down the cylinder to atmospheric pressure.

This process drove the GLYPTAL thoroughly into the tiniest crevices in the motor windings. No wonder GLYPTAL was so popular at Eimac!

GLYPTAL cement was first offered by GE in the Spring of 1927, I believe.

Dana Shtun

Just came across the site, Bob and I had corresponded many times back in the 70's.
Was in the Shack at VE3ASO when Dennis worked the gang at WA6LET! We were a bunch of high schoolers at that time.
Noted the GE Glyptal comments - being a GE Brat I think my dad still has a container of Glyptal cement !! Had no idea of it's alternative uses!!

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