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April 03, 2004


Mijo K., S51KQ

One of our ATV members recently 'discovered' your web site. Amazing ATV pictures and all what your father done on ATV as well on EME areas in his life. We will publish both ATV pictures and link to your web site in our incoming ATVS News bulletin Nr.32 (PDF download). Please let us know if you find more ATV related pictures from early years.

P.S. Is there anywhere scanned article from 1950 QST available ?

With kind regards
Mijo K. S51KQ
ATV & RPT manager

ATVS - Slovenian ATV assocciation

Mijo K., S51KQ

ATVS News bulletin Nr.32 published (including W6PO pict.) http://lea.hamradio.si/~s51kq/pdf/ATVS-news-32.pdf

Nicole Bilyea

Hi there,

I'm a summer student for Ryan's Well Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on building wells and sanitation facilities in developing countries and providing programs to motivate youth to get involved and join a cause that matters to them. I'm working on a video to promote youth activism and I'm doing it as a 50s-style educational video. I have a question about possibly using one of your great photographs in the video, just as a visual to a generic statement about radio. If you could e-mail me at [email protected], I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

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