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Very nice to see this article. Thx u a lot for this

For ANDREA: re de Normanville

only from online site::

Ralph de Normanville set out on a pilgrimage to Santiago in April 1259 (fn. 48) and died before May following, probably on the journey. He died seised of the manor of Empingham, (fn. 49) and his widow Galiena had dower there. (fn. 50) Galiena paid 300 marks for the wardship of Ralph's lands and heir and for her own marriage, (fn. 51) and in 1261, at the instance of her kinsman Geoffrey Rawe, a Knight Templar, she was exempted from suits of county, hundred and other courts for three years. (fn. 52) Thomas, her eldest son, was only two and a half years old at his father's death. (fn. 53) He inherited the manor of Empingham, but Kenardington (co. Kent) was divided between him and his brother Ralph, according to the law of gavelkind. (fn. 54) Thomas died in 1282, leaving Ralph, his brother, heir to his Kent property, (fn. 55) but Margaret, his daughter, a minor, seems to have been heir to his Rutland estates. His widow, Denise or Dionisia, was assigned dower from the Kent estates, and the wardship of his lands was granted to John de Lovetot, (fn. 56) who sold it and the marriage of Margaret in 1294 to Robert de Basing, citizen of London. (fn. 57) Margaret was destined to marry Robert's son Reginald when she came of age, if she would consent, but in 1297 Reginald was taken prisoner in Gascony while in the king's service. His father therefore obtained leave to marry Margaret to another son, William, if she consented on coming of age. (fn. 58)

From: 'Parishes: Empingham', A History of the County of Rutland: Volume 2 (1935), pp. 242-250. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=66244. Date accessed: 24 October 2008.


Any knowledge on Ralph de normanville who is said to have died on aPilgrimage to Santiago in 1250's

Ralph Alcorn

Just stumbled across your blog via Richard Hardwick's post about GPS points on GR65 and the Camino. Hadn't realized that there was any of this Camino gps info available. You might enjoy our camino pages above. Also, saw you have amazon associate links and thought my wife's new book might bring you a few dollars. It's a blend of our 2001 walk, emails, and some history of the areas we walk thru, including a small amount on the Knights Templar. Just type in Camino Chronicle in Amazon and it will be at the top of the list.

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