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Hi! I just found this blog. Thank you very much for the link.
Please keep me posted on how your Robomower is doing.

Have you given it a name?

Thanks again!


This is a post from "Kerry" from last year on

"I am just starting to buy Pay Per Posts for the Robomower and Lawnbott robotic lawn mowers that I sell. It is a very economical way for me to do 3 things:

1. Economically get my website noticed by people who may be interested in what I am selling.

2. Get credible links that help my search engine rankings.

3. Help good writers that can form opinions and change the world.

TV and magazines accept advertising, the good bloggers and good products will be around for a long time, the others will just disappear."

You can find EVERYTHING on the net. scary, isn't it?

Good luck with PayPerPost! And pray that Matt Cutts doesn't read this..

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